Can Xavi Hernandez be replaced? (Part 1)

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  • Can Xavi Hernandez be replaced? (Part 1)

Can Xavi Hernandez be replaced? (Part 2)

The Spaniards had to face a tough looking Portuguese side in the pre quarter final stage of the tournament. Portugal were the only team who did not concede a single goal throughout the group stages. However, with a team like Spain on the other hand, at least one goal was expected.

The Spaniards tried their best to breach the defensive lines of the Portuguese team. Despite trying and time again there was no one who could deliver the killer pass. During the second half, it was Xavi Hernandez who flicked the ball with heel and perfectly placed it for David Villa to score. The Spanish striker found the back of the net and helped his side qualify for the quarter finals.

Spain faced another tough task during the FIFA World Cup 2010 in the form of Germany. The Germans were Spain’s rivals in the final of the Euro 2008. The Spaniards defeated them back then and were favourites to win the tie yet again. On the other hand, the Germans were in outstanding form themselves.

The European Giants were able to knock out two of the favourite sides of the tournament – England and Argentina. While facing the English team the Germans won the game 4-1 and later on they defeated Argentina 4-0 to qualify for the semi finals.

The Spanish side were favourites to win the semi final. However, both the teams struggled a lot against each other. The Germans were playing counter attacking football while the Spanish team were relying too much on the possession. With the entire Spanish squad failing to score against the Germans, it was Xavi Hernandez who yet again stepped up and delivered a perfect ball in for Carles Puyol to head it into the net.

Xavi Hernandez is simply irreplaceable when it comes down to passing the ball with immense accuracy. The Spaniard makes many short but effective passes for his team. With eight of the eleven players in the Spanish first team being a part of the Barcelona squad, Xavi finds it easy to play in the midfield for them.

Xavi Hernandez believes in simple but effective passes. The Catalan midfielder would perfectly play the ball to his team mates for ninety percent of the time. Not only is he good at passing the ball, the way he tracks back for his team simply shows his determination for the game. The Spaniard would run miles in a single game and during the FIFA World Cup 2010, he was the player who delivered and completed the highest number of passes. Moreover, he was also the player who completed the second highest amount of ground – only second to the German midfielder Bastian Shweinsteiger. 

Xavi Hernandez is going to retire from professional football in a few years. There are not many players who can copy his style of play and sacrifice on-the-pitch skills for simple passes. However, with Xavi moving out of Barcelona, the team is definitely going to miss him in the midfield. The Spanish team is definitely going to play players like David Silva, Andres Iniesta or Cesc Fabregas but can Barcelona find a replacement for a player like Xavi Hernandez?

There are not many players in the world who can replace a player like Xavi Hernandez. Many think that Arsenal’s captain Francesc Fabregas is the “perfect” replacement for Barcelona’s midfield sensation. However, there is no doubt that whenever Fabregas and Xavi have faced each other, Xavi has dominated the midfield.


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