Can Xavi Hernandez be replaced? (Part 1)

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  • Can Xavi Hernandez be replaced? (Part 1)

Can Xavi Hernandez be replaced? (Part 1)

This decade has seen a lot of extraordinary midfielders and the Spanish maestro Xavi Hernandez is one of them. Playing for the Spanish Giants Barcelona since he was born, Xavi Hernandez has shown that even the simplest player of football can entertain the fans. The way he delivers the ball where it is required is simply phenomenal. The midfield magician rarely misses a pass and is always looking forward to passing the ball to someone.

Like all the things in the world come to an end, sadly the career of the legendary Xavi Hernandez is also going to come to an end someday. With his club side Barcelona and the Spanish international team relying too much on his midfield abilities, both the teams are definitely going to need someone to replace him.

A few years back, the current Barcelona coach Josep Guardiola played for the team he is coaching. The Catalan midfielder was famous for his extraordinary passing and when he was appointed as the boss for the La Blaugrana, he brought in totally new tactics which helped the team become one of the best sides in the history of football. The Catalan coach believed in keeping possession of the ball and made a team that could “at least” pass the ball perfectly.

The best example of Josep Guardiola’s passing ideology can be taken from the Spanish youngster Sergio Busquets. Despite the fact that the alternative holding midfielder Yaya Toure was better in all areas of sports, Busquets provided the team with perfect passes. The Catalan coach saw the talent in the young Spaniard and decided to play Busquets in the first team rather than Toure.

With a team that solely believes in passing the ball around definitely needs a player like Xavi Hernandez - The Spanish maestro can deliver the ball perfectly and can provide the team with the killer ball that they need to turn the game round. The Spanish Champions would move the ball around the oppositions’ territory and would deliver the perfect pass to find the back of the net. With a player like Xavi Hernandez in the team, all this is very much possible.

Two seasons back, Josep Guardiola took charge at the Nou Camp. The Catalan coach won six trophies in a single season and achieved something that no other manager has done in the history of the game. The Catalan coach showed that along with individual brilliance, the team also requires chemistry.

With players who have been playing together for a long time, building the chemistry is relatively easier. The Catalan Giants fit-in perfectly for Guardiola’s style-of-play and did exactly what they coach asked them to do. With so much team chemistry in the team, Barcelona won six titles and defeated each and every team that came in their way.

Barcelona is not the only football playing side that benefited from the midfield magician. The Spanish national team also took full advantage of Xavi’s extraordinary passing abilities. During the Euro 2008, the Spanish midfielder was given the golden ball award after showing the world the talent that he possesses. Later, the Spaniard helped Barcelona win six trophies in a single season including the UEFA Champions League.

During the FIFA World Cup 2010, the Spanish side was filled with star players. With the likes of David Villa, Fernando Torres, Andres Iniesta, Carles Puyol, Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso, the team was expected to win the world cup. Despite having so many talented players in the team, it was Xavi Hernandez who singlehandedly pulled the strings in the midfield and helped the team in scoring goals.


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