Brazil loses to Russia by 3-0 in a FIVB World League match

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  • Brazil loses to Russia by 3-0 in a FIVB World League match

Brazil loses to Russia by 3-0 in a FIVB World League match

The FIVB World League matches are currently taking place in Gdansk, Poland. Friday saw a match between the Russian squad as well as the favorites of the tournament, Brazil. The result of the competition between the two teams was a clean sweep which left the Brazilians defeated.

Despite the loss, the Brazilians have already secured themselves a position into the semifinals along with Russia as well. The semi finals of the tournament are scheduled to be played today.

The Russian side did not have much of a hard time in defeating the Brazilians as each set of the match was won by a significant margin. By the time that the Russians had won all three sets, the score board displayed the following final set scores: 25-20, 25-20 and 25-17.

The initial stages of the first set saw a bit of a struggle go on among the two teams as each tried to maintain dominance. However, it was the Russian side that was able to take the lead at 8-5. After that point, the Brazilians were not able to snatch the lead from their rivals as the Russians kept on extending the advantage and ended the opening set of the match on their terms by bagging it at 25-20.

The loss of the first set of the game did not sit well with the Brazilians and they put in their energy to take the lead at the start of the second set by tallying 9-7 at the score board. The Russians were hard put to counter the offensive of the Brazilians but they eventually managed to take control at 16-12. When the two teams came back from the second time out, the Russians did not let the Brazilians gain any head way and eventually sealed the deal on the second set at 25-20.

The loss of the first two sets made the Brazilian coach change the strategy of his team by replacing the libero  Mario Padreira Junior with Dutra Santos Sergio. However, the changed line up did not bother the Russians much who took control of the third set quite easily. Despite the fact that the Brazilian made the set reach a tie, the Russians did not let their rivals overtake them and got the lead at 17-13. The Brazilians could not do much to stop the Russian side from winning the final set of the game at 25-17.  

The player that was able to make the most points from among the two teams was Taras Khtei of Russia. Kheti led the scorers by posting a total of 12 points to his side of the score board. On the second place stood the Brazilian Leandro Vissotto, who scored 11 points for his team.


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