Blue Bee has become a foremost threat for all her male contenders in the finale of St Leger

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  • Blue Bee has become a foremost threat for all her male contenders in the finale of St Leger

Blue Bee has become a foremost threat for all her male contenders in the finale of St Leger

With the odds of 3/1, M J Dartnall’s Blue Bee surprised everyone with her super fast performance, in the St Leger Semi-Finals. The blue hound covering the 687 meters distance not only won the purse for her fortunate trainer, but she has also confirmed her trap in the finals of St Leger.

The Grade OR race was expected to become a triumph for the most ideal hound of the race, S A Cahill’s Skywalkershearer, but tragically his performance made him loose the chance, to win the handsome prize money, in the finals.

The three-year-old bitch was placed in trap 2, to make her entry into the race, the young hound has proved that when there is girl power around, you can expect any kind of surprises. Being the only bitch among the lot of dogs, M J Dartnall’s victorious hound chased the lure by keeping her chin up, throughout the show.

The trap 2 chaser Blue Bee commenced through her box with a lethargic pace, later on she got herself crowded during the first bend. M J Dartnall kept his fingers crossed and hopes high, suddenly the blue bitch greased her elbows, charged herself up and railed through the dirt, with a dynamic attitude.

The enthusiasm in her speed assisted her in attaining the head start position, the whole scenario of the race changed, when the eye catching performer Blue Bee marched through the pack of hounds, and made her way towards the wire.

The crowd of the Wimbledon Stadium became speechless, when the idyllic hound of the show Skywalkershearer left himself behind, and Blue Bee dashed along the trail, with an overwhelming performance.

Ultimately the star of the show, M J Dartnall’s bitch, got hold of wire in the estimated time of 42.01 seconds.

Hondo Black’s daughter out Blue Honey, Blue Bee has sustained the third position from the last two shows of the St Leger.

Though she made her way in the quarter-finals, by finishing third in St Leger Round Heat 3, in 42.02 seconds, her performance in the heats was not up to the mark. Being placed in the race as the most favourite hound, and finishing up at an ordinary position disappointed trainer M J Dartnall.

In the quarter finals, Blue Bee was decided to commence her chase with the odd of 3/1, hopes were high in the second round as well, but sadly her performance was quite similar to the previous event.

The semi-final round has light up a spark of hope for M J Dartnall, that Blue Bee will present an amazing hit and besides winning the purse she will be honored to attain the prestigious title of the St Leger.


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