Betting Odds: Tournament of Champions 2011

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  • Betting Odds: Tournament of Champions 2011

Betting Odds: Tournament of Champions 2011

With $1.2 million on stake, 34-man field will be fighting for the first trophy of the PGA season. The battle will commence on the Ritz Carlton Kapalua Resort on 6th January with a star stellar field, but who will finish in the top three? Here is the answer to this mind- boggler.

Charley Hoffman- 3

Tournament of Champions require a winner, who has fulfilled certain criteria in past. He has to be a long hitter, a winner in the season and initiator of birdie fiesta. Looks like Charley Hoffman is our man. The American shot a score of 62 in the Deutsche Bank Championship five months back and finished sixth in the Tour Championship.

Moreover, his stats of birdie average and driving distance are quite impressive. In 2010, the player finished 15th in Driving Distance, which meant that he was the top 15th player in the world whose tee shot covered the maximum distance. To compliment it, his birdie average hovered somewhere around seventh in the world, which indicated that he topped the charts in Birdie Conversion Percentage as well.

The combination of long tee shots and excellent putting prowess leads to an assumption that he is worthy of a title at the course.

Besides, he has a history of being a season opener winner. In 2007, Hoffman shot 17-under-par in the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, which was the second event scheduled and won it. Rest of three weeks can work wonders for the veteran and puts him on the top three of betting favourites.

As for his familiarity with the course is concerned then, the score of six-under in the final round of 2010 Tournament of Champions says enough. He might not be a veteran in this area, but certainly a successful rookie. Hoffman finished 20th in the tournament last year and chances are that he will open the season with a better start.

Above all, his recent swing coaches James Sieckmann and Sean Callahan have pulled him to number six in overall golf stats, which is a good sign.

Bubba Watson-2

After the death of his father, Watson disappeared from the PGA Tour. Now, when he is back after a break of four months, chances are that he is fresh and ready to take the charge. However, according to few critics, the Ryder Cup player might have rust on his game, owing to absenteeism.

Nevertheless, looking at his stats, one sees a fast start. Watson kicked off with a score of nine-under in the first round of Bridgestone Invitational and smashed 68 in the opening round of US PGA Championship, which helped him finish second in the latter. Both of these courses were new for the American, but despite he walked them confidently. Therefore, chances are that once again the American would finish strong on the course, where he is coming for the second time.

Geoff Ogilvy-1

How can one avoid the two-time conqueror of Kapalua Golf Club? The Aussie had been the betting favourite for two years and stakes are high once again. Ogilvy is the most eligible candidate for the title. The veteran holds series of successful attempts from the previous year, which indicates that he possesses a very strong form.

Ogilvy is backed by a victory in Australian Open and a playoff loss in Australian PGA Championship. Both the high finishers carved him into a much stronger form and even Ogilvy admits that.

Speaking to the press Ogilvy said, “I think my game has developed more to a game that would suit a place like this. My pitching has got really good. You have 30 to 80 yards a lot, whether it's a third shot on a par 5s, or second shot on short par 4s. I feel really good about that part of my game. It's come a long way since I started coming here. I love having space off the tee, having big slopes you can use. Having par 4s you can try to go for, or layup, both being good plays. It's really fun to play."

This is it for the betting odds for the event, which will kick off in Hawaii to mark the season open.


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