Beach Volleyball News: Brazilian Barbara Seixas takes pride in playing for Turkish Volleyball League

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  • Beach Volleyball News: Brazilian Barbara Seixas takes pride in playing for Turkish Volleyball League

Beach Volleyball News: Brazilian Barbara Seixas takes pride in playing for Turkish Volleyball League

Barbara Seixas is the Brazilian beach Volleyball player, who was hired by the Turkish Volleyball Federation (PVF) in the last season. Seixas was the first foreign player of Kusadasi AYDIN club who played in the TVF Beach Volleyball League under the tag of Turkish Volleyball Federation. The 23-year old Brazilian player has stayed in the limelight for quite some time being the World Champion of Under-19 and Under-21 age groups in Brazil. She is equipped with a lot of talent and skills. Seixas is truly passionate about the sport of beach volleyball and proved her endeavour in the Turkish Volleyball League as well.

She earned a very good reputation in her own country (Brazil) and exhibited a great performance while playing for Turkish Volleyball Federation in 2010-2011 Season. Seixas was paired with Pinar Ozkan, who developed a good chemistry with her foreign partner. Together, they worked out great performance and turned many heads around with an incredible show of beach volleyball. Ozkan acknowledged the superb skills of Seixas. She spoke about their union as a team and joint efforts. She said: “I already knew Barbara and we were training together in the Beach Volleyball courts owned and managed by the Turkish Volleyball Federation here in Ankara. My partner was having problems with the club, so I asked Barbara if she would eventually have liked to play for Kusadasi. The next day we played our first match together.”

Ozkan further revealed that Barbara Seixas originally paid a visit to her fiancé, Ricardo, who was settled in the Ankara, Turkey. Ricardo is the son of coach Bebeto, who performed his duties as a mentor of Turkish club Halkbank Ankara in the past.  Now this is quite interesting that a player, who only came to visit someone in Turkey, turned out to be a dynamic player and stole the show at TVF Beach Volleyball Tour.

The Turkish Volleyball Federation launched the TVF Beach Volleyball League at the beginning of the 2009-2010 Volleyball Season. Since then the event has gained a great popularity both nationally and internationally. The Turkish Volleyball Federation has played a vital role in making it a successful event. Barbara Seixas became the part of TVF Beach Volleyball League before the start of 2010-2011 Season.

Barbara played for the Kusadasi club, which is based in Turkish city of Aydin. Kusadasi club has a total of thirteen wins and seven losses, which make it the fourth ranked club in the TVF Volleyball League.  

Seixas was quite happy with the efforts of Turkish Volleyball Federation. She talked about her experience of playing with the TVF and expressed her views: “Playing in the league is a unique experience for me. Although Beach Volleyball is still a pretty up-and-coming discipline here in Turkey, there are great chances for a major improvement especially taking into account the massive investments that have been performed so far. Quite many countries are trying to improve their positioning in the international Beach Volleyball arena but the potential here is really huge. The structure in Turkey is different. In Brazil sponsors are the major support, but here in Turkey there are many clubs that are very much involved in Beach Volleyball. They pay a salary and do everything for the players. Everything is very easy, you just need to go and play. The only thing I did not like in Ankara is the cold weather. I bought my first coat when I came here.”

Barbara Seixas has set route for other foreign players to join the TVF Beach Volleyball League. In addition, Turkish Volleyball Federation is also struggling to attract more players like Seixas.


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