Bayern Munich midfielder Toni Kroos to extend his stay with club

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  • Bayern Munich midfielder Toni Kroos to extend his stay with club

Bayern Munich midfielder Toni Kroos to extend his stay with club

The prodigal German international Toni Kroos has confirmed his desire to stay at Bayern Munich. The midfielder just recently confirmed in his press release that he was at the table with Munich’s board regarding a new contract.

Sources have revealed that soon enough an extension in his current document will be drafted which the Munich bred player will be happy to sign. Since the start of the winter transfer window, managers were eyeing the young star however rumours suggested Kroos’ intentions were to stay at Allianz Arena.

The 21-year-old attacking midfielder, Kroos who can also feature as a winger if situation demands, has a contract with Bayern Munich that will run out in the summers of next year. However Kroos wants a confirmed contract with the German outfit which they will be glad to offer after all the fuss he is creating in the market.

With Kroos’ contract set to expire in June 2012 the player’s price in market will be low. Rising interest means there is a chance to trade the player off. Munich better offer him a new contract which would ultimately increase his price henceforth lowering his demand.

All this has concluded to a 3 year extension in the midfielder’s contract. Though the time frame has not been confirmed yet, it is expected the contract Kroos has will be long enough for other clubs to forget about him.

At the moment, the German international is on the bench resting due to an injury. In the previous season he was sent on loan to Bayer Leverkusen where he appeared in 48 fixtures and scored 10 goals. His impressive form has continued till this season.

Kroos is happy with his recent form and hopes for a quick comeback. He also stated on his contract extension, saying he was happy with the ongoing progress and if all went as planned then he would be a happy man at Munich.

While talking to media Kroos clarified, “I am in talks with the club over a new contract. As far as I see it, these negotiations are not completed yet. But thus far they have been in a very good atmosphere. To remain at Bayern Munich for longer is a likely option for my future.”

On the other hand the Turkish international at Munich, Hamit Altintop has packed his bags and is ready to leave the German club as soon as the season ends and summer breaks arrives.

His contract will also expire during the break therefore other clubs can sign him in for a free transfer. Bayern’s Director Christian Nerlinger has confirmed words of interest in Ivo Ilicevic. Earlier rumours were rife that the Kaiserslautern forward Ilicevic could be one of Bayern’s potential signings this season. Manager of Bayern, Louis van Gaal had earlier described it very hard for the Bundesliga club to make high profile signings this summer; hence they would be looking for players of lesser price.

Nerlinger articulated on the subject with, “It's a fact that we have been looking at Ivo Ilicevic. We are not going to make any move for a big name this summer. We are going to have certain new players.”

He concluded by saying, “These signatures will be selective as we have great players at our club. How would we be able to excel signatures like Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery?”

Bayern Munich have had a terrible start to the German domestic league, Bundesliga. Their woes have continued in Champions League where they are making progress at a snail’s pace. Bayern have an excellent team that just needs a bit of reformation. Van Gaal has setup a brilliant squad, so he does have the objects to carve history, the question remains when will he start.




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