Bayern Munich looking to make bids for Arsenal’s Andrei Arshavin and Gael Clichy

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  • Bayern Munich looking to make bids for Arsenal’s Andrei Arshavin and Gael Clichy

Bayern Munich looking to make bids for Arsenal’s Andrei Arshavin and Gael Clichy

It is being reported that German side Bayern Munich are looking to snap up Arsenal duo, Gale Clichy and Andrei Arshavin. Both the players have been looking to be on their way out of the club over the last couple of months and Munich are looking to benefit from the doubtful situation that the players and Arsenal are in at the moment.

Munich are currently sitting in the fourth spot in the German Bundesliga, which by the team’s standards is not acceptable at all. At the moment the team are regarding their defensive frailties to be one of the reason for their comparatively poor season and are hence looking to bring in Clichy.

At the moment the only recognized full-back that the team have is German captain Phillip Lahm. However Lahm can only attend to one flank at a time and for this very reason the club are looking to bring in the French defender.

Clichy has been going through a drastic change of heart of some sort over the last couple of months and has so far not decided to put pen to paper on a contract extension. With the player’s current contract set to run out with the team over the next season, Arsenal have been caught in a dilemma as to if they should sell the player, or keep him around and hope for him to extend his stay at the club.

At the same time, Andrei Arshavin’s unstable nature at the Emirates this season has been put under the microscope time and time again. The player has been either brilliant for moments in a game, or been one of the worst players on the pitch when he is on it.

At the same time there are rumours floating about that Arjen Robben is going to be on his way out of the Munich squad at the end of the season and the team are looking to snap up Arshavin to fill the void that his departure would create.

However if Arshavin does make the switch to the Allianz arena, then he most probably won’t be taking over the right flank at the club. This is because the team would most probably opt to ring Franck Ribery to the right and allow Arshavin to adopt to his much favourable left wing position.

Nonetheless all of this is based on the assumption that Arsenal will be looking to off load the players at the end of the season, which at this stage is a big maybe. Most experts are currently valuing in Arshavin to cost Munich around ten million pounds, while Clichy might cost the German side as much as fifteen million.


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