Barcelona vs. Real Madrid – Tactical Preview (Part 5)

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  • Barcelona vs. Real Madrid – Tactical Preview (Part 5)

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid – Tactical Preview (Part 5)

The best player on the pitch throughout the game was Pepe. The Portuguese midfielder did not allow Barcelona to pass through Real Madrid’s defensive walls. However, with him being red carded it was quite easy for the Catalan Giants to play their usual tiki-taka in the opposition’s territory as Xavi Hernandez was no longer marked.

Now, Pepe is not going to be a part of the Real Madrid team and Barcelona are great at wasting time. These are the two things that might fall to Barcelona’s advantage. The Catalan Giants will be playing a slightly defensive team and strategy to avoid Real Madrid’s strike force.

Most of the Barcelona first team was rested during the weekend clash against Real Sociedad and that is the basic reason why the Spanish Champions couldn’t win all three points.

Victor Valdes is going to feature in between the two poles. The Catalan goal stopper has been outstanding throughout this season and he will definitely play for Barcelona.

The full backs are still going to be restricted to the half way line as that is the only way Barcelona can defend against Madrid. Carles Puyol is going to feature in the left back position and Daniel Alves is going to play as a right back.

Even though Eric Abidal has been named in the 20-man squad list, the Frenchman cannot play full 90 minutes and that is the reason why Carles Puyol will take care of the left flank. Daniel Alves will take care of the right flank. Gerard Pique and Javier Mascherano will be playing in the centre back positions.

A substitution might take place during the second half which would replace Javier Mascherano with Eric Abidal as Carles Puyol will play in the centre back role and Eric Abidal will join the team in his favourite left back position.

Sergio Busquets will play in his favourite holding midfield position. The Spanish maestro has earned the reputation of being a “cheat” after his theatrics during the first leg but that is still not a reason to drop him out of the first team. The Spaniard provides a lot of muscle to the team in the holding midfield position and the young Spaniard is a great distributor of the ball.

Xavi Hernandez will definitely play in the centre midfield position. The Spanish maestro is not only the first choice central midfielder for Barcelona but also with Pepe out of the picture, Xavi Hernandez will be an asset to the Barcelona starting line-up. The Spaniard has the ability to singlehandedly change the cause of the game with his killer passes.

Even though Andres Iniesta has returned to full fitness, he is not going to be playing in his favourite attacking midfield role. After how poorly Pedro Rodriguez performed during the first leg of the UEFA Champions League semi final against Real Madrid, the Spanish youngster might not start against Madrid in this game. Moreover, since Javier Mascherano will be occupied in the centre back position, there is going to be one more player in the midfield to add muscle rather than add attack to the team.



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