Barcelona and their defence crises (Part 3)

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  • Barcelona and their defence crises (Part 3)

Barcelona and their defence crises (Part 3)

With Puyol out, the Frenchman Eric Abidal tried to help the Spanish Champions. Even though Eric Abidal did wonders in the centre back role, he was seriously missed in the left back position where Maxwell filled the gap. The former Inter Milan full back simply could not get the job done as good as Eric Abidal. Even though he had the pace and the stamina to run down the left flank, it was simply impossible for him to tackle the players down like Abidal. The Frenchman was large enough to tackle the ball aerially and always made it hard for the man he marked to get past him.

The best example that can be taken of Eric Abidal is the game against Real Madrid which the Spanish Champions won 5-0. The Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho played Cristiano Ronaldo on the right flank just to take advantage of Eric Abidal. However, the Frenchman made it hard for Ronaldo to get past him and by combining with Carles Puyol it was simply impossible for the Portuguese captain to find the back of the net.

As Maxwell started to look like a liability on the left flank, Josep Guardiola was in crises. The Catalan coach decided to play the summer signing and the former Sevilla midfielder Adriano on the left back position. The Brazilian proved to be good in attack but defensively he was caught many times. Adriano completed his runs on the left flank and often combined well with David Villa, Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez. However, the team chemistry still lagged as the Brazilian has only just joined Barcelona and is still getting used to their style of play.

Adriano played for Barcelona as they faced Arsenal in the UEFA Champions League knock out stage this season. The Brazilian was chosen over the other Brazilian full back Maxwell. Adriano gave out a phenomenal performance and made life miserable for Thomas Rosicky who operated on the right flank for Arsenal. The former Sevilla star also hit the post once while moving from the left flank to help his side find the back of the net.

Barcelona have a suitable replacement for almost all the players that they have. However, with Carles Puyol and Eric Abidal both out and injured, it is going to be difficult for the Catalan Giants to survive. Their last game before the international break was against Getafe. The Spanish Champions won the game 2-1 at the Nou Camp and it was definitely difficult for them to cope up with a second graded defence consisting of Gabriel Milito in the centre back position.

The Spanish Champions have always conceded whenever Gabriel Milito has performed for them this season. Josep Guardiola is fond of playing a high back line and with quick defenders like Gerard Pique or even Carles Puyol who is relatively quicker, Barcelona are usually caught on the break. However, with Gabriel Milito in the centre back role, he simply shows that he does not have the same quick feet anymore and is often caught by strikers who can outrun him easily.

In case Gabriel Milito is not playing, Sergio Busquets has to sacrifice and has to play in the centre back role. With the Catalan youngster missing out on his midfield duties, the team misses his role behind the play makers. He is simply phenomenal when it comes down to winning the ball in the midfield and distributing it to Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta who help the strikers in scoring goals. 


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