BUCS Futsal Championship

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BUCS Futsal Championship

The British University and College Sports BUCS events are going to start from 14th to 20th March 2011. The Futsal championship will be among the inaugural sport to start on the opening day of the BUCS sports championship.

The fourth season of the BUCS Championship will be featuring a total of 19 sports activities.  The city of Sheffield is famous for hosting many international and national tournaments. A large number of quality athletes will be see in action in the coming week, the event provides a ground for the university and college students of England to show their potential and capabilities.

Most of the players in the national teams of the country have come from the BUCS championship in the recent times. In the current England national Futsal team most of the players have come from the BUCS championship.

The matches will be held in the English Institute of sports Sheffield, England. There will be 20 men's Futsal teams and 11 women Futsal teams participating in the event from different leagues of the country. The Futsal events will continue for three days and will end on the 17th of March 2011.

The teams which are participating in the event are the ones who have emerged as winners in their respective regional leagues. The regional leagues were played from October 2010 to February 2011.

There will four groups comprising of five teams in each group for the men's events. Whereas the 11 women teams will be divided into two groups. The men's team in each group is as follows.

Group 1

The group one comprises of teams; Sheffield, Birmingham, Teesside, UWE Hartpury and Brighton two. The two finalist Teesside and the Hartpury are placed in the same group the match amongst them will be worth watching. It’s most likely that these two teams end up in the top two positions taking in account their last performance in 2010.

Group two

The group two consists of teams; Leeds Met, Hertfordshire, East Anglia, Brighton one and Bournemouth. Almost all the teams in this group have shown average performance in the last season. Brighton one and Met will once again play in the same group like the last season.

Group three

The group comprises of teams; Loughborough, Sheffield Hallam, Gloucestershire, Cranfeild and Imperial. Loughborough will be featuring players from the national England Futsal squad and this will give them an edge over the other teams in the group.

Group four

The last group featuring teams are; Northumbria, Lincoln, Brunel, Bath and Plymouth. The strongest team in this group is the bath team as it has players from Football Association National Futsal League on the squad.

The top two teams from each group will proceed to the quarter finals of the championship. The third and fourth seed team in each will compete for the Trophy Quarter Finals. On the women’s side the top two teams from both of the groups will progress to the quarter finals. The draws for the women's groups will be played on the 13th of March 2011.

Each team will not have more than 14 players each, only 12 players will be playing in each match.  The event will play an important role in providing ground for the Futsal players to improve their skills.