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Darts News


The game of darts was very famous in all over the world specially in United Kingdom. Peoples loved to play and also they are watching live all matches of darts. There are two organisations of Darts in the world. The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) and the British Darts Organisation (BDO).  The first organisation of darts was British Darts Organisation (BDO) and was formed in 1973. As well as The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) was formed in 1993.

It was a big story behind that how PDC was formed. There were several issues behind that firstly in 1980 or letter theirs was an issue about live coverage on television along with some other as well but BDO didn’t cop up all that issues. Another issue was raised up in 1992- 1993.

The 16 darts masters including some Big guns Phil Taylor, Eric Bristow, Mike Gregory. Richie Gardner, Chris Johns, Bob Anderson, Jocky Wilson, Keith Deller, Rod Harrington, John Lowe, Peter Evison, Cliff Lazarenko, Kevin Spiolek, Jamie Harvey, Alan Warriner and Dennis Priestley all were banned. Because they rejected the logo of the sponsor on their shirts. All 16 players complained and protest against all that things but BDO didn’t take any action against this issue and they banned all. Finally PDC was formed by all these players. The (PDC), formerly known as the World Darts Council (WDC), it was formed in 1992.   

 Four players in each group and total number of groups are eight. The first round matches of all groups are:

 In group A the first match of the group stages between Scott Waites and Michael van Gerwen. Another match of Group A, Mark Walsh vs. Tony O’Shea. In Group B matches, Dean Winstanley vs. Ted Hankey and Raymond van Barneveld vs. Ian White.

In Group C matches, Wayne Jones vs. Brendan Dolan and Gary Anderson vs. Nigel Heydon. In Group D matches, James Wade vs. Dave Chisnall and Terry Jenkins vs. Justin Pipe.

In Group E matches, Mervyn King vs. Steve Beaton and Phil Taylor vs. James Hubbard. In Group F matches, Paul Nicholson v Barrie Bates and Wes Newton v Magnus Caris.

In Group G matches, Mark Webster vs. Arron Monk and Jan Dekker vs. John Part. In Group H, Vincent van der Voort vs. Co Stompe and Adrian Lewis vs. Martin Phillips.

The Gambling King William Hill Sponsored Grand Slam of Darts 2011. It will be starts from 12 November to 20 November a nine days gala at Wolverhampton Civic Hall.

This Tournament having the world top 32 darts masters from the rivals organisations. The first prize fund is £100,000 for winner of the grand slam. And for the runner-up £50,000, as well as for the Semi-Finalists £25,000, and also for the Quarter-Finalists £15,000.

Fund Prize for second round losers is £7,500, for Group Winner’s Bonus £2,500, for Third Place in Group £5,000, for fourth Place in Group £2,500. The Total Fund Prize will be £400,000.

The extravaganza of Grand Slam will be started on Saturday and all the shiny stars from both the participant organisations are ready for competition. It will be a big show on earth which will be telecast live on TV.