Axe murders: Police contradicts any links with rape case in the court.

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  • Axe murders: Police contradicts any links with rape case in the court.

Axe murders: Police deny any links with rape case in the court.

Joseph Ntshongwana, 34, former South African Rugby player has been facing charges of assassinating three people with an axe in Durban. He allegedly killed three people after his daughter was gang raped but police denied it as an act of revenge. The Durban police stated that the murders have no connection with any rape case.

Policeman Vincent Mdunge said that murders have not been committed in revenge and the case requires in-depth investigation. Mdunge said: “We have ruled out completely the element of rape. There has not been any element of rape that is attached to him. He therefore has been killing people out of evil nature”. Speaking on the occasion the policeman said that we are trying to know the real motive behind the triple killings, whether it was an act of reprisal or were there other reasons involved. Mr. Mdunge added that the killer has not given any details about his daughter yet. 

Ntshongwana was arrested one week after the killings from one of his properties in Durban, as his fourth target Khangelani Mdluli, was lucky enough to survive an attack. Mdluli gave an account of the brutality of the rugby star to the police. The survivor told the media about the incident and said that he was on a drive when an unknown person stopped his car and attacked him with an axe while saying, “Did you know we would ever meet? You think I'm stupid, you infected my daughter with HIV”.

 Among his victims is Paulos Hlongwa, 46, who was a security guard at a KFC outlet in Durban. He was butchered by the former Blue Bulls player who cut off the head of the victim. Police found his head and torso in a dustbin. One of his victims was hit in the head while the details of the third murder are not known yet.

The lawyers of Joseph Ntshongwana have forwarded a claim that their client lacks the mental ability to go through a trial. The court has however, given the killer to the police on remand of seven days.