Asian Women Junior Volleyball Championship 2010: Kazakhstan, Indonesia and Japan remained successful in the 2nd day matches

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  • Asian Women Junior Volleyball Championship 2010: Kazakhstan, Indonesia and Japan remained successful in the 2nd day matches

Asian Women Junior Volleyball Championship 2010: Kazakhstan, Indonesia and Japan remained successful in the 2nd day matches

The 15th Asian Women Junior Volleyball Championship is underway in Vietnam this week. The tournament entered the second day on Monday, 13th September 2010. Three pool play matches were staged in the city of Phan Dinh Phung, Vietnam. Two teams from Pool A and four teams of Pool B descended the court on Monday morning with lots of plans.

Kazakhstan vs. New Zealand

Kazakhstan collided with New Zealand in the first match of the second day. The Kazak girls performed in a brilliant way and produced authentic serves. The players firmly held their spots and developed good timing. The defence expert in the back-court did an amazing job to re-bound New Zealand’s spikes. Kazakhstan moved forward with fast pace and attained a commanding role in the game. They kept a keen eye on the ball and avoided ball-reception errors in order to save points. New Zealand tried to chase the score but failed to make an impression on Kazakhstan’s team. They lost the first set with a margin of six points.

The second set also came successful for Kazakhstan. They continued with their heavy strike of volleys and devastated New Zealand’s defence. The second set ended at 25-13 and declared Kazakhstan as winner. The performance graph of New Zealand suffered a major blow in third set. The situation got bitter for them as they failed to turn their score in double-digits. New Zealand’s team crashed after scoring only 8 points in third set. Kazaks pulled off match victory scoring of 25-8.

Indonesia vs. Hong Kong

The second match was played between Indonesia and Hong Kong. Indonesia received a defeat from Japan in their first match on Monday. Indonesian players realised their weak points and didn’t repeat the same mistakes in second match against Hong Kong. The team opened the first set with average speed but gradually picked up pace. Indonesia successfully dismissed Hong Kong in the first set by posting 25-17.

The victory in first set shook-off their bad impression and they produced quality shots. Hong Kong appeared as small threat for Indonesia and they didn’t take much time to earn second-set win. Indonesia won the set by 25-11.

Nonetheless, Hong Kong hit back Indonesia in third set. They brought in better substitute players and stood confident in front of their rival team. Hong Kong scored better in third set and finally found their feet. They chased the Indonesian score and minimized the gap of points. Somehow, Indonesia was too strong for them and Hong Kong lost the third set after a close fight (25-23). Indonesia won the match after posting 3-0.

Japan vs. Sri Lanka

Third match of the day brought in c and Sri Lanka. Japan was in good form to teach a lesson to Sri Lankan team. Both teams were playing their second match. Sri Lanka lost their first match to Hong Kong while Japan remained successful in the first match.  The Japanese girls delivered a stunning performance and snatched victory from Sri Lanka in straight three sets.

Sri Lankan players seemed totally helpless in front of strong competitor, Japan. The first set was heavily influenced by Japan. Sri Lanka was far from the score of Japan. The Sri Lankan team collapsed at 7-25 in the first set. Afterwards, the game progressed with same trend. Japan restricted Sri Lanka’s score and didn’t let them raise their head in the game at any point. Japan took away the second set from Sri Lanka and defeated them by polling 25-9.

The fans cheered at Japanese spikers for their incredible game. The Sri Lankan coach stood outside the court with cold expression on face. Third set also finished in Japan’s favour and they attained match-victory by 3-0.


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