Arsene Wenger in no rush to pick keeper for upcoming game against Blackburn Rovers

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  • Arsene Wenger in no rush to pick keeper for upcoming game against Blackburn Rovers

Arsene Wenger in no rush to pick keeper for upcoming game against Blackburn Rovers

Arsene Wenger has gone on to claim that he is in no rush to decide which keeper to field when the Gunners take on Blackburn Rovers in the Premier League on April 2nd, 2011. At the moment the two keepers that the manager can choose amongst are Manuel Almunia and Jens Lehmann – who came out of retirement to help the team out following their keeper crisis.

Due to injuries picked up by Lukasz Fabianski and Wojciech Szczesny, the team were down to having only Almunia as an option to keep between the sticks. However Wenger managed to convince Lehmann to strap his keeping gloves back on, till the end of the season and the former German international is now a member of the Arsenal squad till the end of the season.

However following the blunder that Almunia made in the team’s last match against West Brom, which resulted in the Gunners conceding a rather cheap goal, there was much speculation floating about stating that Lehmann might make his comeback to the starting line-up at the Emirates.

When talking about Almunia’s blunder, Wenger is reported to have said:  “What can you say? The player knows it was the wrong decision”

“In big games, it hurts because that was a massive game for us and it hurts him of course.”

However when asked as to if the manager would go ahead and make Lehmann start in between the posts for the team’s upcoming game, Wenger responded by stating:“I do not want to make a public debate of that.

“I believe for every game you consider three days before the game who will play in the next match.”

At the moment there are at least around ninety to ninety five percent Arsenal fans out there, who would love to see Lehmann take over as the team’s first-choice until the end of the season. This is because despite Lehmann being in his forties now, what is assured is that the keeper has the mental capacity to decide what sort of decisions need to be made in the area, which is something that Almunia has proven that he cannot do, no matter how many shots at redemption the player is given.

Almunia at the same time is also destined to go elsewhere once the current season come to an end, which adds to the fact that he really has nothing to prove at the club and as a result, would in no circumstance be giving the little something extra that the team need at this point in the season.

At the same time Lehmann will be looking to go that extra mile for the Gunners, mainly just to prove that he’s still got it and to re-pay the trust that Wenger and the Arsenal fans have in him.


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