Aron Winter content with Toronto FC performance against New England Revolution—MLS News

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  • Aron Winter content with Toronto FC performance against New England Revolution—MLS News

Aron Winter content with Toronto FC performance against New England Revolution—MLS News

There was no doubt in the improvement shown by Toronto FC in Wednesday’s Major League Soccer faceoff against New England Revolution at Gillette Stadium on June 15.

This was the first time that the Reds had reaped a point out of the Revs’ home ground as the match ended in a scoreless draw.

Since their induction into MLS, the TFC had never won a single match at the site nor had they drawn one. Aron Winter’s first year at club as a head coach had already evidenced results and the midweek match was another breakthrough in the list.

The TFC drew a match with Western Conference defending champions, Los Angeles Galaxy 2-2 last week.

Though, the team had only earned only two points on the road but provided the condition they were in, the two stalemates go on the top shelf.

Now, the winless streak stretches to nine games but the last two matches earned two precious points.

“A point away, but it’s otherwise good,” Winter said after the game. “We wanted more … but also we had a lot of chances and we’re better for it. A couple times they had some good opportunities, but still one point is good.”

However, as coach and a former footballer, Winter knows a draw is not sufficient to survive a league. “I’m waiting for a victory because every time to play a tie, it’s good. But it’s not changing anything in the standings,” he pressed.

In addition, the player who had been in the limelight was Alan Gordon. The midfielder had made his comeback from a groan injury that kept him away for more than two months. Although, this was not his first appearance after the break—Gordon was a late substitute in the LA match—he was brisk but stamina-wise lagging behind.

“Alan has been very good and he’s important for the team,“ Winter said. “You saw it today, and it’s really good because he gets good opportunities and was sometimes not sharp at that moment, but still it was his first full game after he was away.”

Adding to his performance in the Wednesday fixture, “At the end he was a little bit tired, but it’s important because we have to take care and prepare him for the next game.”

Even if it was not a winner, the second draw in a row was a brilliant mark by the players. The team was content with the play, give or take some chances. The defensive was strong which restricted the NE strike in the whole stretch.

However, the coach asserted on getting the team performance up a notch while pushing numbers in the forward line-up and Gordon’s return will certainly provide that opportunity.


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