Arizona cardinals will be Favorite against Baltimore this weekend. . .

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  • Arizona cardinals will be Favorite against Baltimore this weekend. . .

Arizona cardinals will be Favorite against Baltimore this weekend. . .

Coming weekend the entertaining match between Arizona cardinals and Baltimore Ravens going to cheer up the audience, as the ranking of both teams is interesting. Arizona Cardinals ranked above than Baltimore Ravens and the player statistics of both teams will attract the NFL lovers towards the Sunday battle on the field. Kevin Kolb, one of the most famous ranked players in passing section of Arizona Cardinals (ARI) going to face Joe Flacco of Baltimore Ravens (BAL).

Joe Flacco ranking is lower than Kevin, but Joe will give the tough time to Kevin. According to National Football League official web (NFL), Kevin ranked 15th and Joe ranked 19th, Kevin is more senior player than Joe and a tough battle is expected between them which will entertain us all.


Without perfect rushing, a team might face more difficulties in winning their battle. ARI have good passing players and skills whereas BAL is good in rushing. BAL player statistics in rushing section is strong than ARI, Ray Rice ranked 13th according to NFL and his main rival will be Beanie Wells of BAL who is the most eye catchy player with 15th ranking.

When it comes to receiving, ARI again takes a lead on BAL as Larry Fitzgerald will smash the ground with his receiving skills, there is no one to defend him and he is on the top with 8th position in player ranking. On the other hand Anquan Boldin ranked 26th which is the weakest part of BAL team, and BAL might face difficulty in receiving section. Ray Rice may be beneficial for the team as he is a player of rushing with having good skills of receiving as well, he might be a good wall against ARI players.

All the sections are the basics for a team, above all scoring is required. In scoring section BAL is above than ARI, Billy Cundiff of BAL will be tough for Beanie Wells of ARI they both will entertain in a good manner. Similarly Ray Lewis of BAL is playing with good defense skills and there is no ranked player in ARI Team who can defend BAL attackers.

Both team have strong offensive base, they will be strong rivals for each another as they pretend to be stronger in offensive game skills.  BAL and ARI both teams are ready to strike scores on upcoming match scheduled on Sunday. More yards covered will hit more rating and point on the score board, and both the teams are sort of similar in Yards per Game rating.

Baltimore and Arizona showed good sports in the past, and their comparison is very simple to analyze. Both teams are competitive against other; the match will be so entertaining and this Sunday will rock the fans of both teams to see the match against each other.

Arizona is tougher in defensive skills, they can easily beat Baltimore. The defensive comparison between both teams show the result in favor of Arizona, where as the different sections are in favor of Baltimore. This match will be more entertaining and memorable in NFL history with great players on board and full motivation to the win, and with overall statistics Arizaona is the favourite this weekend.