Antonio Hermida recovers

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William Lozito

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  • Antonio Hermida recovers

Jose Antonio Hermida can have a sigh of relief after he smashed in a tree at the Open DE Espana cross country race in Madrid, Spain. He got his wrist injured but is feeling better now and he is expected to resume racing again this weekend at the Cape Epic mountain bike stage race in South Africa.

   The world champion was leading Sunday’s race on second lap, when unfortunately he crashed, and injured his wrist which was the reason for his downfall.

The crash has taken away chances of Hermida winning the race. But He is very hopefull that he’ll continue his race again. There are now very few chances of big injury. The champion is confident about himself and is hope full that everything goes fine.  His team is also confident and told that he’ll start the race again after a short pause, once feels comfortable he’ll be for sure on his way.

Hermida told “ I was pushing in one of the down hills, as I knew how important it was to keep the gap, and one of my bar ends touched a tree. I have flown over the bar and crashed heavily. I have destroyed my helmet and cracked my wrist. I was scared after the crash and was scared weather to go or not. Finally I have decided to get on my bike again and finish this nice race”

"I haven't crashed that badly in a long time, and I was scared at first. I thought that this part of my season as the World Champion might be over." Hermida has been enjoying racing in the rainbow stripes for the first time in his career.

 Current world champion Hermida has been the attention of the audience ever since he has returned back to form. Antonio Hermida has won a silver medal in the 2004 Olympics and finished fourth in 2000.