An Australian researcher finds IPL a successful business model

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  • An Australian researcher finds IPL a successful business model

An Australian researcher finds IPL a successful business model

Pamm Kellet, an associate professor of Sports Management in Deakin University, Australia, has termed the Indian Premier League (IPL) a successful and unique business model which, he thinks, has turned the flow of sports commercialisation towards India.

Kellet said today, “IPL has been an inspiring business model across the sporting world. It has been a catalyst for growth of commercialisation of sports in India.”

He further elaborated, “IPL's business model is quite different from what other countries have done earlier. Cricket Australia has been trying to develop its own T20 league, the KFC Big Bash, on IPL's lines.”

There is no denying the fact that the IPL has spread immense cash and cricket everywhere in the world.

Established in 2008, the league has emerged has the most successful domestic cricket tournament in the history of cricket in terms of commercialisation.

The league contains 10 franchises that are owned and operated by different industrial and media tycoons of India.  These teams hunt for ace talent around the globe and hire the players of multiple nations to play together in India.

Four tournament of the IPL have been held so far. The fourth one was concluded last month.

As per analysts, the major reason behind IPL’s thumping success is its T20 format. In this era of fast life, the cricket lovers do not have time to watch long games like Tests and ODI and they prefer the limited-over matches more.

Moreover, the T20 games are more thrilling and interesting in compare with longer formats.

With its high TV ratings and overwhelmingly positive response by the public towards its format, the IPL has attracted many top sponsors form the corporate sectors.

The IPL has perked up the sports business in India miraculously.

The rising popularity of the league has even posed a threat to the English County Cricket which is struggling to survive.

Along with this success story, the IPL has done a lot to promote and expand the illegal gambling mafia in India. Though sports betting is banned in India , but the IPL matches draw gambling at large scale. This dark aspect of the tournament is often criticised on different forums.



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