American Ryan Trebon wins Cross after Dark ahead of Berden – Cycling News

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  • American Ryan Trebon wins Cross after Dark ahead of Berden – Cycling News

American Ryan Trebon wins Cross after Dark ahead of Berden – Cycling News

LTS/Felt team’s Ryan Trebon took Cross after dark race 2011 on Saturday, October 15. The race started and finished in Irvine. He showed his good effort in the last kilometres and easily beat Ben Berden of Ops Ale – Stoemper to take his first victory of this season.

The 30-years-old, American racers took the total of 1 hour, 3 minutes and 53 seconds to cover the distance of the race.

Previously, in 2006 season, he won the USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships and Mountine bike championships. He also grabbed overall first place in U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross series. He also took fourth place in Boulder Cup.

Trebon said, “I had to win. It was a hard race. Ben was riding good tonight. Luckily I just had a little bit more at the end. It takes me until late November to get the speed these guys come into the season with, and these high-end surges these guys have. But it’s fun to be out here and mix it up with them.”

Trebon managed to gain a lead of few seconds and quickly join a group of two cyclists including, Berden and Allen Krughoff (Boulder Cycle Sport). After two laps to go, Wells worked in the front of the group while Krughoff dropped his chain and he slipped back.

Rapha Focus team’s Chris Jones launched attack and caught Krughoff with three laps to go. However, Krughoff increased his pace and made right move to build an enough gap and finally, grabbed fourth place with 50 seconds down to American.

With six laps to go, the three cyclists Wells, Trebon and Berden working well together in the front of the field and launched occasional attack. In the final circuit, Wells continues his effort and Trebon and Berden went alone in last corner. However, Trebon displayed good ability and cross the finish line first ahead of the other cyclists.

Todd Wells of Specialized secured third place with difference of 16 seconds. Christopher Jones (Rapha Focus) was in fifth place with the difference of 1 minute and 3 seconds.

Tobin Orenbland (California Giant Cycling/ California Giant), Chris Jackson (Team Rambuski Law) and Gary Douvillle (SDG/Felt p.b. IRT Wheels) were in fourteen, fifteen and sixteen place respectively.

Morgan Ryan (VRC, NOW-MS Society) was disqualified and Matthew Mcgee (2Cross Racing/Bikes) did not start the race.

Caroline Mani (CC etupes) took lead in women category and covered the short distance in 42 minutes and 14 seconds ahead of Susan Butler (River City) and Teal Stetson-Lee (Cal Giant Cycling Team).


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