Along with the £3,000 purse Drumcove Lad has also set new numbers for Belle Vue race track

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  • Along with the £3,000 purse Drumcove Lad has also set new numbers for Belle Vue race track

Along with the £3,000 purse Drumcove Lad has also set new numbers for Belle Vue race track   

Chris Allsopp was fortunate enough to take the entailed purse home, after his victorious hound impressively won the GRA Scurry Cup Final. The Grade OR chase covering the trip of 260 meters was scheduled on the dirt track of Belle Vue, on the 20th October 2011.

Previously in the Irish Sprint Cup the hound wrapped up his chase at the third position, but in the Scurry Cup Drumcove Lad placed himself at the top position.

With the highest bets the black dog promptly dashed through trap 2, in urge to hit the wire for C Allsopp. Wearing blue and white jacket, the trap 2 racer commenced through his box with quite an abrupt pace, which turned out to be a major advantage for the hound.

With the odds of 2 – 1 J the joint favourite hound’s impressive speed helped him in acquiring the lead during the early bends. Surging through the track with the pointer position C Allsopp’s beast caught every one’s eyes, and in 14.96 seconds Drumcove Lad not only won the mouth watering purse, but he also accomplished in setting a new statistics for the Belle Vue race track.

Above and beyond winning the purse, C Allsopp’s Drumcove Lad very proficiently overthrew his contender Slick Citi, by 2 ½ lengths, who was in for trainer K Allsopp.

The three-year-old was chasing the lure with ideal odds of 7 – 1, but his the hindrance during his chase made him lose the chance of winning the purse, for K Allsopp.

As he began his quest through trap 1, the black dog suddenly experienced obstruction as he reached the first bend. Struggling through the lot of hounds, Slick Citi managed to find some space to sprint, but unfortunately he sustained in the mid spot throughout the chase.

Wearing red and white jacket, K Allsopp’s dog finished his chase in 15.16 seconds.

Following Slick Citi by 3 ½ lengths, was Cloncunny Magic, a black dog who managed to cross over at third place for trainer E Lagan. The two-year-old was placed in trap 3 with idyllic odds, but his chase was extremely lethargic and sluggish, due to which he also faced obstruction while marching through the first bend.

Besides the top three positions, the last three places were attained by Droopys Calvin, Dynamo Joe and Hurry back.

Hurry Back who was the joint favourite hound of the show, was the last one to cross over for trainer C Lund, whereas trainer D Child’s Droopys Calvin finished off fourth after being clogged very badly.

The hound who came fifth for trainer C Weatherall in the combat was Dynamo Joe, his time consuming chase was the main reason for his defeat.

C Allsopp’s champ was the fortunate hound who not only won the £3,000 purse, but he also gave his trainer a chance to push the boat out, after setting a new track record at Belle Vue race course.


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