All-Star point-guard Derrick Rose in the running for MVP title this season

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  • All-Star point-guard Derrick Rose in the running for MVP title this season

All-Star point-guard Derrick Rose in the running for MVP title this season

Michael Jordan is regarded as the most memorable Chicago Bulls player in history because of his unbelievable aerial game. Jordan’s name became one of the most prominent sports brand in the world due to his outstanding track record and inspirational persona. After Jordan’s retirement, the Bulls struggled to dominate until Derrick Rose’s remarkable performance this season changed the team’s fortunes.

Derrick Rose’s emergence as an MVP contender assisted the Chicago Bulls in reaching their best season since the Jordan Championship Era. The 22-year-old superstar has yet to reach his peak on the court however he is improving incredibly as the season commences, placing Chicago among the favorites for the Eastern Conference Championship. According to Orlando Magic coach, Stan Van Gundy, Rose has an obvious chance to nab the Most Valuable Player award.

Five reasons the All-Star point guard is in contention for the title are as follows:

Solo Performance

This MVP award is claimed on solo performance and spectators have witnessed Rose achieving goals for Chicago all by himself. He is one of a very few basketball players who have assisted the team on the top single-handedly. He landed a blistering career-high 42 points this season against the league leading San Antonio Spurs and showcased his extraordinary ability to dominate any team.

Team Leader

Rose might not be outspoken however his charisma on the court leads Chicago from the front. The superstar has guided the Bulls towards the first spot in the Eastern Conference with 51 victories already. In his third season with the team, Rose is becoming one of the finest players of the NBA and provides a substantial support to his line-up.

Ability to dominate

Rose is averaging 24.9 points per game and carries an outstanding ability to dominate at any point. No matter which team he is facing, Derrick Rose grabs possession of the ball tenaciously, leaving very few options for opponents to gain any sort of momentum.


Rose has incredibly improved on the defensive game, enabling him to steal and block the ball effectively. He guards the court like a pitbull and creates brilliant passes to his teammates to keep the score board ticking. He is one of the best defensive players in the league and at the same time provides fireworks in front of the net.

Team Performance  

Although the MVP award is a solo performance however it’s very rare that it is given to a great player from a terrible team. The Chicago Bulls are the leading team in the East and have transpired as one of the toughest teams in the Championship title this season.  The Bulls have a couple of key players like Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah who provide a substantial support to Rose.


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