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  • Aleem Dar:Absolutely flawless

Umpiring at the highest level of the game is not an easy job, especially when it comes to major cricketing battles like the ashes series, Champions trophy or the world cup. One mistake by the umpire can throw the fate of the match into jeopardy. This has over the years, forced the players to committing indiscipline on the field by showing disgust or dejection at a poor decision made by the umpire. In the past we have seen veteran umpires like Steve Bucknor and Sri Lankan Asoka De Silva being barred from umpiring in major games due to the mistake they committed out in the middle and changed the fate of the match in the process. Umpires’ job is a relentless one and requires one to be on the toes and fully focused all the time which requires plenty of dedication and alertness throughout the length of the particular match, be it any of the three formats. However, Aleem Dar, the Pakistani umpire has been a gem of an umpire of the modern era.

            The Lahore-based Pakistan Umpire, Aleem Dar is one of the two Pakistanis along with Asad Rauf to be in ICC elite panel of umpires. Aleem has really been an exemplary figure for all umpires with his accurate and highly precise decisions in all sorts of matches all over the world. As we take into consideration the fact that, he is a relatively young umpire and has a long way to go before he calls an end to his career.

            Aleem Dar has been a really successful figure and has gained worldwide recognition for his ability to make superb decisions and hence he has been given the unique honour of umpiring in his second consecutive world cup final. Aleem umpired in the recently played world cup final between India and Sri Lanka at Mumbai, but only after Pakistan failed to make their way into the final after going down in the semi final, otherwise there would have been some other neutral umpire from ICCs elite panel. Before this, Aleem Dar also officiated the 2007 world cup final between Sri Lanka and Australia at Barbados.

            Aleem Dar has always been named by the ICC to umpire in the most crucial series and tournaments around the world, the most notable one being the Ashes series between Australia and England in which Aleem Dar has been regularly officiating since 2005. In the 2005 ashes series, Aleem won great worldwide praise from all quarters after a series of some unbelievably fantastic decisions he made during the toughly-fought, high-profile series. Since then Aleem has officiated numerous important events like the 2006 ICC Champions Trophy in India, the 2006 ashes series in Australia, the 2007 world cup, the 2007 world t20, the 2009 Asia cup, the ICC worldt20 in 2009, the 2009 Ashes series in England, the 2010 world T20 tournament in the Carribean, the 2010 England’s ashes tour of Australia and then the all-important ICC cricket world cup 2011.

            Uptil 2008,Simon Taufel of Australia was being honoured year after year with the umpire of the year award at the ICC award ceremonies, before Aleem Dar proved himself to be even better than Taufel and hence he became the new proud owner of the distinguished award for two years at a stretch from 2008-2010.

            Aleem Dar also received a pride-of-performance award in Pakistan just before leaving for the world cup, 2011. At the world cup Aleem Dar’s performance was spectacular where he hardly made any error. 11 times his decisions were challenged by the team captains but not even on a single occasion his on-field decision was overturned, which speaks of his high level of accuracy and precision.

            Aleem Dar was honoured on Wednesday, 6th of April by the P&T Gymkhana Cricket club, Aleem Dar’s club in Lahore. He was presented a golden crown by former Pakistan world-cup winning captain, Imran Khan at a special ceremony held by the P&T Gymkhana in honour of Aleem Dar’s remarkable achievements as a leading ICC elite panel umpire. Many prominent ex-cricketers including the great Imran Khan have showered heaps of praises on Aleem Dar and recognized him as the best umpire in world cricket at the moment.


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