Aldo Costa: Conservative projects are better than futuristic

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  • Aldo Costa: Conservative projects are better than futuristic

Aldo Costa: Conservative projects are better than futuristic

Ferrari's technical director, Aldo Costa brushed off all the charges that the new team car is ‘too conservative’, and might not be able to match the pace of the modern rival cars on the 2011 tracks. He insisted that when it comes to on-track competition the most balanced car that has a good combination of reliability and functions is the best one and earns the most points.

While talking to the media earlier today, the technical director stated, "I think the fastest car will be the one with the best performance balance between aerodynamics, the mechanical side and reliability. If you attempt something extreme in one area, you might pay in another, so for a car that wins you need a balanced approach."

He further revealed that Ferrari's F150 is still the process of evolving. He assured the team fans that evaluation is being done at every test session and development work in the car will continue until the first encounter of the Formula 1 cars at the season opener, Bahrain Grand Prix, in March.

Costa explained by adding that the car’s mechanical work will be completed before the second practice session, at Jerez, scheduled to begin on 10th of February.  However, the Italian revealed that the improvement on the aerodynamic side of the car will continue until the beginning of the season. Moreover, just like any Formula 1 season, the team plans to keep modifying its car all through the year.

The 49-year-old told the reporters that having an ‘extreme approach’ does not necessarily pay well every time. He rather believes that it was the productive approach that helped the team bag race-wins and podiums last year, and similar will help them this season also.

Ferrari set the best lap time at second day of the first pre-season test session, held last week at Valencia with its driver, Fernando Alonso. Red Bull’s car was the fastest the first day while the Renault driver, Robert Kubica stamped the best lap time at the third day of the first test session.

When the reporters probed Alonso about the new car and will the conservative design serve the team rightly he stated, "Futuristic projects are not always better than more conservative ones."

Some advanced new cars of the 2011 season include McLaren’s MP4-26, with its impressively designed sidepods and Renault’s R31 with its new front-exit exhaust system. Moreover, Williams have also introduced the ultra-low rear and small gearbox while Toro Rosso’s new double-floor is also a very promising new invention.


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