Advantages and Disadvantages of Cycling

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Josh Gates

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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Cycling

Every coin has two sides i.e. head and the tail. Similarly, everything has advantages and disadvantages. There is list of advantages attached with cycling but unbelievably there are few disadvantages, those can be avoided if little care is taken.

Cycling is the ideal way of travelling. In this world of increasing inflation, it is the only ride that is saving money. Unlike cars or motorbikes, it does not use petrol or any other fuel to get going. Repairing a bicycle requires less cost as compare to the other means of transport. This cost can be avoided if proper care is taken. Your bicycle can be parked anywhere you want and it will save the space for other cars. Ten cycles can be parked in a place of one car. They are cheap and easy to buy i.e. person belonging to any age group can afford to buy it. They are easy to handle and carry in rush area. You can easily make your way out from the rush area through the bicycle. Secondly, you need not to inhale the harmful fume of the cars. It is the only transport that is environment friendly, not adding up in the already polluted air. It is best and perfect form of exercise, if you are riding a bicycle for thirty minutes then you need not to exercise especially. Thirty minutes of exertion is enough for the day. It helps you stay fit, healthy and fresh throyhuot the day. Especially if your job requires long hours of sitting, then it the perfect for your muscles. If you are biking in the countryside, it is best for your mind and eyes. It gives the feeling of freshness to you tired mind and greenery removes tiredness from your eyes. Therefore, it relaxes your mind. For healthy purposes, you should start thinking about transforming from your big cars to bicycle. 

Moving on to the sad part of the story disadvantages, emerging young bikers have become very careless they do not pay attention while biking as a result number of bicycle accidents are reported. Exhaust fumes from cars, increasing dust, cigarette smoke, and pollutants in the air are dangerous for the cyclists. Cyclists are exposed to the air directly so they are facing the problems of health diseases. Increasing number of patients reported are the victims of asthma, coughing and the lung related problems. They can protect themselves from these diseases through wearing masks. Masks are the most in this highly polluted air. Weather is the most crucial element. This is the big disadvantage if the weather is rainy or windy you cannot go out on the bicycle. A raincoat can be a help but still driving on a wet road is also a problem. Therefore, it is not recommended in the bad weather condition for that you need to have an alternate. You cannot load yourself heavily on a bicycle. Only few things can be moved on the bicycle. Security of the bicycle is another very important issue. It is easy to steal it for that you need to have a proper lock system to protect your bicycle. It might be uncomfortable on the long journeys.

Despite these disadvantages there are number of advantages. Not to forget that it is moving you from one place to another, while maintaining your health. Disadvantages can be overruled with proper care and attention.