Adjustable rear wing will make 2011 a ‘fast and furious’ season

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  • Adjustable rear wing will make 2011 a ‘fast and furious’ season

Adjustable rear wing will make 2011 a ‘fast and furious’ season

A lot more over taking moves are expected to be seen on the 2011 tracks. The introduction of the new adjustable rear wing will help the drivers overtake far more than seen in the past few years.

Great over taking moves in any race, can simply multiply the thrill and drama of the event. A single surpassing move can change the race result dramatically. In the past few years it has observed at almost all the tracks around the globe that even the best drivers have not been able to pass forward their rival cars. One of the most unforgettable and recent examples of such a case was the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The two times world Champion, the Ferrari driver, Fernando Alonso entered the last round of the season being at the top of the charts. As Sebastian Vettel, the Red Bull racer, won the last round Alonso only needed to end at fourth place, to bag his third championship. However, as the race started off, the team asked him to take an early pit stop. On his return from the pit the driver found himself stuck behind traffic. The Renault driver, Vitally Petrov, who was running his first ever season with the sport did not let Alonso over take him all through the rest of the event. Having driven behind the rookie for 40 laps, one of the strongest contenders of the season, Alonso finally ended the evening behind Petrov at 7th place. The poor race strategy of the team and lack of overtaking opportunity in the series cost him his third championship. At the same time, it was frustrating for the fans and the team of the Spaniard to see him struggle behind a far junior racer for so many laps.

Recently, FIA and its engineers have made several changes in order to make the sport more interesting. Some of these changes like the latest ‘moveable rear wings’ are especially designed to let the drivers have more over taking opportunities during the race. Many of the drivers as well as the engineers believe it to be a very positive step from FIA to improve people’s interest in the sport and let each event be more exhilarating than ever before.

The 2011’s cars will be designed in a way that the drivers will be able to adjust the rear wings from their cockpits. This will help the drivers in increasing their top speed, thus improving their chances of overtaking.

While commenting on the new FIA rule, the McLaren’s director of engineering, Paddy Lowe, expressed joyfully, “We are going to have to see and explore (its effects) throughout the season. I think it will be quite exciting. The one control that the FIA have is for each circuit they can set the points in the deployment straights at which you are allowed to press the button. So, for instance, you might be allowed to press it for the last 300m of the main straight until the braking point.”

Moreover, the 2011 season is also ready to bring the Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) back to the sport. KERS converts the waste kinetic energy into an additional power for the car, which the driver can use again through a steering wheel-mounted boost button.

KERS, in addition to the adjustable wing is expected to make the Formula One cars much more adventurous than ever before. This will help the drivers pass by their rivals even without having a speed advantage. While talking about the system, the Ferrari driver, Alonso proclaimed, “For years changes to the regulations have been brought in with this objective [more overtaking] but they haven’t always worked. We’re crossing our fingers but I think that between KERS and the adjustable rear wing there will be enough difference in speed to be able to overtake a car you’re fighting.”


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