AFC Futsal Champion 2010

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AFC Futsal Champion 2010

The eleventh Asian Football Confederation AFC Futsal Championship was held at Tashkent, Uzbekistan from 23rd to 30th May 2010. Tashkent is the capital of the country and is located along the Great Silk Route connecting China with Europe. The event was well organised but still the AFC officials felt a need to improve the knowledge of the game in the member associations of AFC.

The championship was first held in 1999 at Malaysia the house of AFC. Iran has emerged as the most successful team of the championship till now. They have won ten out of eleven championships, the one they lost was in 2006 but they still managed to be on the medal table at the third rank.

In Asia, Futsal is still under the development stages many associations have not yet even formed the national Futsal leagues in their countries. Japan, Thailand, Iran and China are the few countries in region to have their own National leagues. The Asian region was divided into four zones regions according to the countries falling in them; South and central Asia, West Asia, East Asia and South East Asia.

Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan fall in the South and central region. Iran was the most successful team not only in this region but also in the Championship on the whole. Uzbekistan made to the finals but lost against Iran where as Kyrgyzstan could only reach the Quarter final of the championship. Turkmenistan lost all of its matches in the group round. Iran has also qualified for the FIFA Futsal World Cup 2012.

Kuwait, Iraq and Lebanon were in the West Asian region. The main cause of failure of the teams from this region was that there are no proper Futsal leagues in their respective countries. Kuwait lost all matches in the group round where as Iraq won one match against Turkmenistan. Lebanon managed to win two matches out of three in the group round and made to the quarter finals but lost against Iran in the quarter final.

The countries in this region like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait have now established their national Futsal leagues and have also formed Futsal Committees on the national level. The AFC officials are providing full support to the countries with technical and financial grants in order to develop the sport. They are also providing them with coaches and referees to assist the local Associations to prepare them for events on world level. Qatar will be hosting the 2011 AFC Futsal Club Championship.

Japan, Korea Republic, Chinese Taipei and Peoples Republic of China were in the East Asian region. Chinese Taipei did not featured on the AFC Futsal Championship for over a year but they made a comeback in the 2010 Futsal championship. In this region Japan and the Peoples Republic of China made to the quarter finals of the event. Korea lost two matches and the third one resulted in a draw. Chinese Taipei lost all the matches in the group event of the championship.

Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and Indonesia were included in this region. Futsal is one of the most popular in the region, the AFC Futsal championship has been held at Thailand twice. Despite of the popularity of the sport in the region only Australia and Thailand managed to reach the quarter finals of the championship. In the Quarter finals Thailand lost against Peoples Republic of China whereas the Australian team lost against Uzbekistan.

The event was a major success for the Uzbek Football Federation and the local organisations. The AFC officials are looking forward for improvement in the Futsal in the Asian region.