A documentary in Milan about Mourinho calls him the ‘best coach in the world’ – La Liga News

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  • A documentary in Milan about Mourinho calls him the ‘best coach in the world’ – La Liga News

A documentary in Milan about Mourinho calls him the ‘best coach in the world’ – La Liga News

According to reports a documentary presented in the Sports Film Festival in Milan called Jose Mourinho the ‘best coach in the world’. The film festival took place this past Monday. The documentary was named “Jose Mourinho the best coach in the world”.

The documentary which was made to pay homage to the Portuguese mentor was seen by millions of fans worldwide.

The documentary takes a look in the professional life of Jose Mourinho and is based on the opinions of players and colleagues that have worked with and under the current Real Madrid head coach.

Mourinho has been spoken highly about at more than various times by players, coaches, officials, supporters and critics all over the footballing world. The documentary is an effort to reflect the opinions of many important figures in the footballing world who have interacted with the 48-year old coach.

The people whose opinions are featured in the documentary include Cristiano Ronaldo, Marco Materazzi, Frank Lampard, Javier Zanetti and Rui Faria among others.

The basic thing about the documentary is the facts and events given in the documentary that set the ‘Special One’ apart from the other coaches in the footballing world.

The documentary goes through his early days as an assistant for Sir Bobby Robson, to his spectacular Champions League triumph with FC Porto, to his days as the Chelsea boss, his remarkable run with Inter Milan and finally to his current job as head coach for, nine-time Champions League winners, Real Madrid.

Jose Mourinho has been a very noticeable figure in European football ever since he lead FC Porto to a glorious Champions League win. Mourinho then moved on to Chelsea and guided them to their first English Premier League title in almost 50 years.

The Portuguese mentor then went on to manage Italian giants Inter Milan. Under Mourinho Inter performed far better than they were expected to perform. Their Champions League triumph in 2010 was accredited to the 48-year old as well.

Jose Mourinho is a widely respected manager and the players that have played under him have great regard for him. He is said to bring out the best in players and is considered a great motivator towards his players.

Although, it is widely debated whether Mourinho is the best manager of all time or not. However, it is unanimously agreed upon that he is without a doubt one of the best coaches in the world at the moment.


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