A Ingram’s hounds came up with astonishing results in the Romford meeting

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  • A Ingram’s hounds came up with astonishing results in the Romford meeting

A Ingram’s hounds came up with astonishing results in the Romford meeting

The outcome of the Romford meeting was very interesting, twelve races took places and the result of every race came out in the favour of A Ingram or M Wiley. Apart from P Young who managed to attain single win, in the whole meeting, the victorious trainers did not gave any other trainer a chance, to taste the flavor of victory.

28th September 2011, was a lucky day for A Ingram, who won the position of being the fortunate winner of the meeting, with six victories, whereas M Wiley sadly lost the chance, by one less victories then A Ingram.

A Ingram’s triumph started off with the first show of the meeting, Gresham Flyer a three-year-old hound, who commenced through trap 3 in urge to win the purse concluded his chase within 24.77 seconds.

The fortunate trainer, who was thrilled about his previous victory, eventually earned his second win in the Grade A6. A Ingram’s Esta Viera who was in the race as not so favourite performed, so well that she gifted a super hit to her trainer.

The black and white bitch chased the lure with immense energy and speed, in 24.95 she successfully vanquished all her contenders and won the purse.

M Wiley’s hounds who were in the race since the first show of the meeting were not able give their trainer a chance to sing the songs of praise, but in the third show of the event M Wiley’s hound took the initiative to gift his trainer the first victory of the meeting.

In 24.62 second Alrita Tomtom, a white and black dog with promptness in his pace declared himself the first one to get hold of the wire.

Right after his first win, M Wiley attained his second victory that placed him with A Ingram at the similar position with equal wins.

As the event preceded A Ingram luckily gained his third winning, his hounds started becoming a major threat for the rest of the participants.

The outcomes of Romford meeting was quite bewildering, A Ingram earned two consecutive winning then M Wiley’s hound came up with a hit, like wise situation happened twice throughout the event.

Besides the victorious shows of A Ingram and M Wiley, P Young was also given a chance to take the purse home. His hound Steinbeck with the odds of 5/1 took 28.55 seconds to present a tremendous hit for his trainer.

The last two shows of the event contributed in giving M Wiley his fourth and fifth victory. A Ingram concluded his quest by earning six victories out of eight races, in which his hounds participated.


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