40th edition of Stramilano Half Marathon, Milan, Italy, Sunday 27 March 2011

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  • 40th edition of Stramilano Half Marathon, Milan, Italy, Sunday 27 March 2011

Although a cloudy morning, perhaps ideal weather conditions for a contest, the 40th edition of the Stramilano half marathon held in Milan, Italy depicted the blend of a significant challenge among the competitors. The competition contained all the ingredients which provided sufficient amount of entertaining experience for all the anticipators and admirers.

The men’s race was precisely becoming a scenario where most of the leading competitors seemed to defy the odds and produce an enigmatic competition at the end. The race’s leading bunch contained the Ethiopian rapid herd Leche Dechasa, Atalay Yrsaw Tegene and Deme Hailegiorgis and with them the Kenyan team comprised of Matthew Kisorio and Eric Ndiema.

The men’s race commenced with enunciatively a moderate approach with the Ethiopian and Kenyan group in conjunction as leading ones. A relative increase in the momentum took place when Peter Kurui who was leading the Ethiopian and Kenyan six man group surpassed the 5km in 14:06.

The group was pushing hard in the middle stages when on the record they crossed the 8kn mark in just 22:36 and with a defying pace crossed the 10km mark in 28:16. The competition among the leading there and then emerged when Matthew Kisorio strived forward and dispersed away from the group at the 13km mark. Kisorio was able to pass the 15km mark at an astounding 42:24 to 42:30 of Eric Ndiema   and with decisive attack he plunged off from a 6 second margin to Eric Ndiema’s personal best of 59:57 which he embossed at the Stramilano last year in the Hague and secured a third place at last month’s Paris Half marathon. The win for Kisorio at the competition seemed to be abstract boast for the athlete and following him was another compatriot Eric Ndiema with a finish at 60:20 to score a decent second and third place was stored by the Ethiopian Dereje Deme Hailegiorgis at 60:25.  

The Kenyan sensation after dominating the challenge stated “I was aiming at running under 60 minutes but it was a good race, anyway”, said Kisorio. “The conditions were perfect for running. I was running at sub-60 minutes (pace) but I had some problems in the final kilometres. My goal is to make the Kenyan team in the 10,000 metres for the World Championships in Daegu,”

 The women’s was filled with a groovy competition between Ababel Eyeshaneh and Anna Incerti who in the first 15 km were parallel to each other to surpass with defiance but with the sort of challenge they put to each other, the lead look disgorging. The statistics for the covered distance was a clear depiction of the flawless plunge of both for the distinct first place as 5km in an astounding 16:21, 10km in 32:48 and 15km in superb 49:38.  The conclusion to the head-to-head attack form both of the athletes resulted in the Ethiopian  Ababel with astounding finish at 69:54 stored a glorious win and the Italian Anna Incerti with merely a non-submissive aptitude scored second place with finish at 70:41 and was followed by Krisztina Papp at 71:47 for a decent third.


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